Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities - Arvada CO, 2017

Handmade paper, wire, wood, foam, beeswax, chalk pastel, powdered pigment, graphite, yarn, cotton, light, Poem by Maria Berardi


Unraveling and Ready to Burst showed concurrently at the Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities during the summer of 2017. These two installations present parallel compositions addressing two contrasting experiences post-conception - one work celebrating the joy of impending motherhood, while the other mourning the heartbreak of miscarriage. I collaborated with Maria Berardi, a gifted poet, with these two works - Maria composed a poem responding to each piece that was displayed as part of the installation. The titles arose out of her poems, as well as a line of text on the arms of the figure in Ready To Burst. There was a recording of Maria reading each poem that could be accessed via cell phone and a code. 

Here is the text of the poem that accompanied Unraveling:



Everything is weeping,

unspooling, sinking,


dissolution condensing

into bright wet beads.


The red tent rends itself.

Rivulets of ribbon unravel.


This is where Nature

and whatever


it is

that is





Nature, red in tooth and claw,

fundamental, essential, unkind.


Mothers – tender.

Mother Nature – never.


Cherubim tumble toward their undoing.

Stars go dark. The great cord frays.


The elements unhook themselves

and fall, atom by atom,


giving way to more and still

more space, more sadness.


Something is shining through

this pain, this depletion,


so much more empty

for having begun to be so full.